Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire

Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire

Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire Wavey Tree Care provides highly qualified, fully insured arborist services to private homeowners, businesses, and municipal authorities. Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire.

When trees have been felled and their stumps are left to the ground, they can constitute serious problems or hindrances to both the homes nearby and other properties or movements. 

Removing the stump prevents suckering as well as fungal root rots. Removing these stumps can either be done traditionally through digging up the roots, or the professional stump removing machines invited, especially when the tree stump is larger than  five inches in diameter.

In this article, we are going to take you through the ultimate guide to Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire in the UK.

Use the garden poison method 

When the stump you want to remove isn’t as big, some poisons sold at garden centres can be used to kill the stump and prevent it from reshooting from the base. This is one of the simple ways to do Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire yourself. The chemical killer method is best used immediately when the tree has been felled. If you allow the stump to dry up, you may need to recut again in order for the stump to be fresh before applying the chemical.

Drill and nitrate filling

This method had to do with the use of nitrate fertilizer to destroy the stump of a tree after felling it. The guide to this approach is simply drilling a hole on a stump and filling it with a nitrate fertilizer afterwards. This makes the stump rot more quickly.

Chainsaw and grinding

The chainsaw approach is the modern method of Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire in which a professional chainsaw is used to hack down a tree and then a grinding machine used to grind the stump out of the ground. The stump grinder simply grinds out the main taproot or depth and leaves the remaining as dust. 

Removing tree stump by grinding always involves the following steps:

  • Trim the stump with a chainsaw.
  • Dig around the tree stump and remove every rock.
  • Use the cutter blade of the machine to remove the wood while cutting all roots connected to the stump.
  • Simply put the grinder right on the top of the stump and grind to the depth of your choice, depending on what you actually want to do there. 
  • The sawdust gathered can be used to cover the hole of the tree or turned into manure.

The use of excavator machine 

If you have a sufficient stump buried right in the ground, an excavator machine can be used to pull the stump right out, especially if you do not want the remains of that tree in your area.

The ultimate guide to the don’ts of Tree Stump Removal Abbots Langley Hertfordshire

  • Avoid burning tree stumps as it has many side effects both to the immediate environment and beyond.
  • Avoid bleaching your tree stump, it is equally very dangerous to the environment.

Hire a professional tree removal service 

Removing your stump can be done in many ways, but as you have noticed, it is best to leave the task for the professionals to handle. Contact a professional tree removal service to ethically help you remove your tree without any hassles.